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The various types of vehicle claims which lend themselves to an independent accident review or reconstruction examination are:
    markerLow speed impact/soft tissue injury claims involving calculations of speed, g-forces, and the probability of injury

    markerDisputed liability claims

    markerCalculating the speed of the involved vehicles as a contributing factor to the accident

    markerSeparating 'old damage' from 'new damage' on property claims

    markerConflicting explanations from the insured, the claimant, and witnesses to police

    markerClaims involving motorcycle, trucks, busses, and vehicle/pedestrian accidents

    markerQuestions involving angle of impact in relationship to damage and/or physical evidence

     The concept of the review is to provide an answer that can be used to assist in settling your cases at the earliest possible time. This is not an accident reconstruction of the events. It is an independent technical analysis based on our experience, education, and the information found in your case files.
     Photos, damage estimates, statements, and other evidence from your claim file is evaluated and a written report prepared and returned to you, via email.
     Many low speed impact claims involving little or no damage can normally be evaluated at a cost of $350 to $450. Additional time may be necessary based on the speed and weight variables of the vehicles involved. In the event additional time is required, it will be billed in increments of 0.25 hours at $130 per hour. The client will be informed if additional time is required and approval will be sought before proceeding.

     Complete accident reconstruction services are available including vehicle examination and measurement, site inspections and complete follow up.
     Requirements for sworn testimony in depositions, arbitration or trial will be met.

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